Should I Buy to Live In or Invest?

An age-old question when it comes to real estate is whether you should buy to live in or invest in a property. The answer to this question depends on your unique situation and real estate goals.

For instance, an individual who is looking to start a family may be interested in a mortgage and purchasing a home to live in for the long term. On the other hand, a real estate investor may be interested in improving and adding to their portfolio.

What is my primary objective?

Before deciding to buy a property, you should think about what you want to achieve with the new home. Consider your primary objective and how that fits in with your life and financial goals.

As an example, a reason that you may wish to purchase an investment property can relate to the need for an ongoing stream of revenue. This goal can be achieved by renting out a property and receiving monthly income for it. The monthly income gained from this can be a steady way to obtain more revenue over time.

Another scenario may involve wanting to renovate a property in order to have another individual purchase it at a higher price. Considerations for such an objective may include knowing more about the value of properties.

What is my long-term strategy?

While it’s important to have a primary objective in mind, it’s also crucial to have a long-term strategy. Let’s say your goal is to become a landlord. This would require discussions and considerations about the amount of time and energy required for that role. You should ask questions pertaining to whether you will manage the property by yourself, the steps that should be taken for effective property inspections, and more. Don’t hesitate to speak with an advisor or an experienced professional if you have any questions about what it takes to be a successful landlord.

Additionally, if you have plans on purchasing a property for the sake of reselling it, then you should think about the cost of renovations. Price fluctuations and the monetary resources required to revamp a property for sale can also be discussed with designers, marketing professionals, and individuals who are well-versed in economics.

What are some other considerations?

Whether you plan on buying a property to either live or invest in, you should think carefully about the other factors your final decision may entail. For example, you may need the assistance of mortgage and property experts who are knowledgeable in terms of legal and tax advice. Understanding the details and paperwork involved in real estate goals can give you a better idea of how a decision can influence profitability and cash flow.