How Do I Make An Offer On An Investment Property?

Once you have found the right condominium or house to purchase, It is crucial to know how to make an offer on the investment property. Before you jump head-first into signing the required documents, make sure to look over them to clarify any terms you are not entirely confident about. This can be done with the aid of an experienced investment property manager, real estate agent, or even a trusted financial advisor who understands the intricacies involved with mortgages, loans, and beyond.

What should my offer include?

Before making an offer to the property’s seller, ensure that the documents you plan on presenting to them have the basics down first. For instance,  the offer should include your full legal name alongside the name of the seller. Don’t forget about the address of the property of interest. Of course, the purchase price of the property is also important, as it’s the amount that you’re offering to pay for the home. Including the deposit amount is another key component of informing the seller of what you can offer them. 

Additionally, there may also be extra considerations in the form of items that you may want the seller to include in the property. These can include, for example, extra appliances, coverings for the windows, as well as similar items.

What can I expect?

Determine the closing day as well, and make sure that there is a request for a property survey before that time. This can help inform you if there are any necessary issues with the property and if you would have to consider fixing any issues down the road. This process can also include inspections inside of the property to make sure that everything is in working order. 

Of course, don’t forget to include the date that your offer expires, as this will inform the seller of their deadline if they wish to accept your offer over other ones.

You should expect to negotiate with the seller of the property as well. This can be a stressful situation, however, a professional agent or real estate expert can guide you through that process. Know that in the seller’s perspective, they are also trying their best to work out the best deal for you both. 

What happens after my offer gets accepted?

After the seller accepts your offer, then have a conversation with your mortgage broker or lender in order to complete the financing requirements. Documents you should bring in addition to the signed property offer include the official description of the property, the specifications of the home, the online listing or photographs of the property, as well as documentation pertaining to a property tax assessment. 

Take note of any estimates for any renovations, costs for utilities, as well as applicable fees, too. Of course, be sure to include the property survey, home inspection details, 

and the appraisal. 

When it’s the closing day, you can take possession of the new property. Ensure that the final signatures are being taken care of with the help of your lawyer. Once the final financial requirements have been completed, your lawyer can then provide the payment to the seller and register the property in your name.