Our Mission

To make real estate investments affordable, friendly & simple for the everyday investors by providing them a turnkey solution to grow their portfolio faster with less cash & no operational headaches.

- Dash.it

Real Estate Investments Made Simple

Our Founders

Jacob Iftah

Co-Founder & CEO

Founder and Principal of KSM Group, a private equity and asset management company investing in real estate related businesses and direct real estate opportunities across North America. In addition, Jacob is
a Managing Partner at Kin Capital Partners, a global real estate advisory
and investment firm that specializes in creating value through cutting edge
financing solutions for growing real estate businesses across North

Jacob is serving on the UJA Executive Cabinet, Co-Chairing an education program for Israeli students at the Canadian Friends of Tel-Aviv University, and Co-founded TREL.

Sharon Golberg

Co-Founder & President

Founder and Principal of Dash Group of companies, Toronto’s Rentals
Property Management Leader with ~$500M AUM of rental properties,
providing “white glove” service to investors from 30+ countries around the world and assisting top condo developers during occupancy stages.
Owner of a boutique development company that builds high-end condos and rentals. 

Sharon Graduated with Honors BA (Accounting) at York University and is involved with UJA of the Greater Toronto Area.

Why did we create Dash.it?

We’ve built Dash to level the playing field and provide the everyday investor with institutional management tools, assisting them to maximize values and minimize their time & capital investment so anyone could.

Dealing with the banks is painful

We’ve had enough with all the confusion, time, and work required to deal with the banks, just to hear a big NO at the end.

Regulations are confusing

Tax rules, accounting rules, landlord & tenant rules, these are just a few regulations no one prepared us for that takes a lot of time & work to deal with.

Self-mange = Not fun

Getting calls on the weekend over something that broke in the property is not fun, and don’t get us started on finding a proper handyman.

So in short..

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DASH is a prop-tech platform that combines technology with institutional asset management expertise creating a turnkey solution for the everyday investors enabling them to buy & forget.

Our end-to-end platform levels the playing field for the everyday real estate investor enables them to grow their portfolio hassle free.