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Financing & management solutions

Condo Investors! We’re here to help you grow your real estate portfolio much faster with less cash and no headaches, we’ll lend you more money than the banks so you could access more equity to buy more properties while managing it all for you.

We give you the mortgage & manage your property

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Join 1,000’s of investors we’ve served over the years and take advantage of our
platform that manages properties in over 350 buildings across the GTA

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Why Dash is perfect for investors?

So you could finally access higher leverage together with our institutional management platform and increase your property value by $10,000’s like all the big investors do 🙂

So you could keep on fighting lenders and self-manage your property wasting time & money or

How does it work?

We combine technology with institutional management expertise creating an end-to-end turnkey solution


Fill in a 2 minutes online mortgage/ management application, we’ll assist you over a quick call to upload 3-5 basic documents to complete your application


Pick your favourite Management Plan based on your individual needs so you could stop working for your investment properties and let them work for you 🙂


We’ll review your file and if you’ve checked all the boxes, we’ll give you the mortgage and start managing your properties within days!

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Transparent & efficient process tailor-made for real estate investors